Individual & Relationship Therapy

based in embodied, liberatory approaches.
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It’s more than just sex

Compassionate. Grounded. Pleasure Centered.

Molly works with clients on all the things that inevitably have an effect on sex and relationships: your body might not work the way you’d like, or maybe you want to be sexual but something’s getting in the way, or your trauma symptoms have subsided and you’re ready to take intimacy to the next level, Molly is here for you. Molly assists each client on their specific needs and goals. She helps clients expand their imagination, creativity, and potential for reclaiming a pleasurable, authentic life.

Molly is a Certified Sex Therapist (CST) with The American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) who believes a holistic approach to wellness strengthens personal empowerment. Molly works with a lot of clients who are LGBTQ2S+, anti-racist, activists, polyamorous, and/or kink identified. She is influenced by somatic approaches, body-based mindfulness, body liberation, fat positivity, and intersectional feminism. Her approach is compassionate, grounded, pleasure-centered, light-hearted & social justice oriented.

Insurance & Payment

I currently accept Blue Cross Blue Shield (except for the Community HMO through the NM Marketplace), Presbyterian, Molina, and some Centennial insurance plans. Insurance plans change year to year, so reach out if you have questions.

Couples & Relationship Therapy

I do not accept insurance for relationship therapy as no mental health diagnosis is used.  I see couples, polycules, and people in any sort of relationship at my hourly rate.


$150/hour for individual & relationship therapy

$200/90 minute relationship or couples therapy sessions 

+ NM Gross receipts tax

Please contact me for sliding scale options.


Practice Specialties


Sexual Challenges

Relationships of All Kinds

Unlearning Internalized Oppression & Shame

Serving Clients in
New Mexico & Online

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Online Therapy

For New Mexico Residents

If you are a resident in the state of NM, we may be able to set up psychotherapy sessions (also called telebehavioral health) online. I work with clients throughout the state using HIPAA compliant software and we can talk via video calls. This is a great option for folks living outside Albuquerque, but are based in New Mexico.

Video Coaching

I offer short term coaching sessions online no matter where you reside. Coaching is different than therapy. If you’re looking for directive, educational support this may be a good fit for you. Coaching can help you address goals to improve your sex life and relationships, but does not address psychological problems.