Compassionate. Grounded. Pleasure-centered.

It’s more than just sex.

Now On Demand: Reclaim Your Sex Life

Helping Clients Recover an Empowered Sexuality Post-trauma

This asynchronous CE course is designed for sex therapists, sex educators, clinicians, advocates, social workers, and counselors that work with adult survivors of sexual trauma. We will focus on helping clients identify their stress responses, increase understanding and compassion for dissociation, and practice applied mindfulness techniques.

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Therapy Services

You can reclaim pleasure and joy. Even long term symptoms can heal. While we can’t undo historical, intergenerational, or personal trauma or the trauma of living under systems of oppression, I can support you in healing those wounds, drawing from your sources of resiliency, to truly know your worth, and help you know your power in this world.

Professional Training & Consultation

Expand your knowledge on topics related to:

  • Working with LGBTQ & sexually diverse clients
  • Sex therapy basics for clinicians
  • Reclaiming your sex life after trauma, illness, and change

Meet Molly Adler

AASECT Certified Sex Therapist

My practice Sex Therapy New Mexico is based in Albuquerque on Tiwa land. I love getting to work alongside people as they heal and grow, bringing compassion and a sense of humor. I enjoy the micro-level therapeutic work, as well as working towards structural change by offering training for healthcare providers and institutions who want to be more inclusive of sexual and gender diversity in their work.

Struggle to support clients around jealousy?

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