Consensual Connections Checklist

Image of Checklist worksheet titled: Consensual Connection Checklist, subtitle: Heres how I define my comfort zone

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I created this checklist to help give you more power and peace of mind. If you (and others around you) are considering loosening your social distancing restrictions and doing more activities outside the home, it is important to have more consensual conversations about your recent activities, your safety habits, your boundaries, your feelings, and your fears.


This checklist is a conversation starter. It is not exhaustive and I encourage you to add specific activities that relate to your household. You may find it’s helpful for people in your life to each fill out the checklist and then discuss. More open communication often leads to less anxiety. If you notice using the checklist raises anxiety and you’re no longer thinking logically or feeling grounded, put it down. Take care of yourself. I welcome feedback and suggestions, so feel free to reach out.